Established in October, 2010, the company has always specialized in the research and development, manufacture and sales of a complete set of wireless intelligent home products. Presently, the company has the capacity to manufacture sixty-six kinds of smart-home hardware products, has the only multi-access smart-home APP in this industry, and has formed relatively mature solutions for the whole-house intelligentization . Besides the household market, the company has also worked out relatively mature solutions for the hotel, office and aged-supporting markets, and has completed many typical cases. The company has more than 380 dealers in the domestic, as well as one overseas agent.

See details in the document: seven advantages of UIOT to lead this industry.

The company has the forward-looking all-wireless technology, and has the experience in ZigBee technology for more than six years.

The local smart host + cloud-platform framework, is exclusively created by the company, with its stability ranking the first in the domestic.

Its diversified whole-house intelligent products rank the first in the domestic in terms of product function and abundance.

The only multi-access authorization system in this industry can solve the problems of 『application security』 and 『convenient operation』convenient operation, with its competitiveness ranking the first in the domestic.

The product research and development was completed in January 2013, and grew highly mature after the pre-commercial trial and stability improvement for 800 days.

The company has completed abundant cases in this industry.

In September 2015, our booth in Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition was the most popular.

In November 2015, we were placed in the central position in NO.1 Exhibition Hall during the Eighteenth High-tech Fair.

During China Appliance World Expo in March 2016, we will occupy a booth covering an area of 330 square meters , which is adjacent to Jingdong.

In April 2016, we will participate in China (Beijing) International Smart Home and Intelligent Building Expo.

In June 2016, we will participate in International (Guangzhou) Electrical Building Technology Expo, with our booth covering an area of 280 square meters.

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